Nirvana 7 Bowl Charkra Set 

Bowl sets are selected to complement each other and also tend to be lower frequency bowls which are used specifically in Relaxation and Sound Therapy/Healing Sessions.  

Individual Bowl Details

Note Chakra                 Hz            Weight         Diameter 

A         Throat                 111.5       1.585Kg        24.5CM

B         Crown                 125          1.721Kg         24CM

C         Sacral                 135          1.657Kg        23.5CM 

D         Heart                  146          1.475Kg        22.5CM

E         Third Eye           156          2.181Kg         20CM

F         Root                       86          1.430Kg       28CM

G        Solar Plexus        98          2.168Kg        27CM
Set includes: 7 Cushions, 7 Large Puja Sticks, 2 White Cotton Headed Mallets, Copy of Singing Bowl Book

Note. These bowls are not listed as separate bowls.

Please contact for more information with regard to purchasing any Therapy Set of bowls som that we can discuss your individual requirements

Nirvana Bowl 7 - Chakra Set