Full Moon 7 Bowl Charkra Set - Professional Set

Bowl sets are selected to complement each other and also tend to be lower frequency bowls which are used specifically in Relaxation and Sound Therapy/Healing Sessions.  

Individual Bowl Details

Note Chakra                 Hz            Weight         Diameter 

A         Throat                 113           1.562Kg       24CM

B         Crown                 121           1.752Kg        25CM

C         Sacral                 131.5        1.689Kg      24.5CM

D         Heart                  149           1.715Kg       24CM

E         Third Eye           168           1.138Kg       21CM

F         Root                     92.5         2.489Kg      29.5CM

G        Solar Plexus      99.5         2.103Kg      27.5CM
Set includes: 7 Cushions, 7 Large Puja Sticks, 2 White Cotton Headed Mallets, Copy of Singing Bowl Book

Note. These bowls are not listed as separate bowls.

Tsing Sa shown Not included in price but are available at a reduced price if the Full Moon Bowl Set is purchased.

Please contact info@avaja.co.uk for more information with regard to purchasing any Therapy Set of bowls som that we can discuss your individual requirements

Full Moon Bowl (7) Chakra Therapy Set No.4