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Heart & Hands

Meet David

Singing Bowls entered my life in September 2016 whilst at Purna yoga retreat Pokhara West Nepal– they were brought out for an evening Meditation and I was hooked.

Two days later I was meeting the bowl maker Santa Ratna Shayka at his workshop in Patan, Kathmandu.

Fascinated, I watched his team hand produce bowls from smelting to finished bowl. Santa was to become an inspiration and friend on my journey from that day onwards.

Eight years later I now Import Bowls and share what I have found through Summer Festivals, local Events and now through my Website.

I have spent time studying in Nepal with Santa learning how to use the Bowls for Therapies and have combined that with qualifying in a Foundation Course in Sound Therapy in the UK.

If you would like to learn more about Bowls or Therapies then please contact  me and I will be happy to help you without any obligation.

David has also published a book "The Pen in Us All" A collection of thoughts that  turned to words and made their way to paper 

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