Seven Metal Himalayan Singing Bowls

Our Singing Bowls

All our Bowls are Handmade in Nepal from a combination of 7 metals (Copper,Iron,Lead, Tin, Zinc, Gold and Silver) smelted together and then hand beaten and shaped before being finally polished to form the finished product.

Bowls are categorised by type (Full Moon Bow, Nirvana Bowl or Standard Bowl), predominant note when Struck (secondary notes may be shown where they exist), Frequency (Hz), Diameter and Weight.   You can hear each bowl by clicking on "Play through Google Drive" at the foot of each bowls description. Note a Google account is required

More information is available in Santa's Book "Singing Bowl a Nepali Instrument for Tuning the Mind Healing the Body"

Prices include, signed for Second Class Postage (UK only Min order of £50) 

Cushion and small leather Puja stick - (not the Cotton headed Mallet)

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