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"Tuning the Mind, Healing the Body"

The Therapy of Sound

Avaja compliment it's products with a range of engagement groups.

If you prefer One to One, Group Sessions, Workshops or a Corporate Event then please contact us for further information

Therapy of Sound



Based on an individuals requirements we offer1-2-1 Classes - These include a preliminary discussion and evaluation. Sessions can include Relaxation, Chakra balancing, Energising themes or a combination and can be single or a sequence of bookings. 

We hold Workshops for up to 10 people at various locations where we explain the history, making and using of the Bowls. Based around a try yourself method clients experience the basics on how to play and choose a bowl and share a relaxation session. Lasts 60 to 90 minutes 

Group Sessions are based on a 45 - 60 minute Sound Session including Guided meditation, use of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs,  Drums, Wind Chimes and other percussion instruments

Avaja is pleased to be able to offer on site events within or away from the workplace. These can be tailored to each clients need and can include Relaxation Sound Baths, Guided Meditation or a combination of both 

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